Our most popular style, the 4D laser cut plates..


These give your plates a sharp, elegant appearance. Our 4D letters are laser cut by us, using only the best quality acrylic sheets and 3M backing.

4D Laser Plates

Plate Size (Front)
Plate Size (Rear)
  • As soon as you place your order you will need to send an email including a flat faced picture of the front of one of the following: Drivers Licence // Passport // Utility Bill, as well as one of these: V5C // V5C/2 // V750 slip to We request to see these as it is a legal requirement for us to check that you own the registration due to being DVLA registered.


    Enter your registration in the 'Reg' section, and where a space is wanted use a "-", for example "RO14-PLT" would be spaced on the plate as RO14 PLT. If the space is entered in a different place to where it is on your V5C / V750 slip, or not at all, the plates will not come with the legal markings. Plates that arent provided with our legal markings are classed as show plates, and are not to be used on the road under any circumstances. These carry a potential £100 fine if used on the road.


    If any of this process is unclear to you, please contact us on Instagram @RolaPlates, or send an email to

  • We only manufacture plates of the finest quality, and due to this we are confident in offering a 12 month warranty with all of our plates. If you are unhappy with the product you have recieved, send an email to and we will sort your issue as promptly as possible.


    Our warranty covers all lettering on plates, and any plate discolouration. 

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We are a leading manufacturer of fully road legal 3D Gel and 4D Laser number plates.

We take pride in supplying the best registration plates on the market, matched by our customer service and warranties.

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