We are giving away the opportunity to win £100 cash straight in to your bank account, in our first ever 'test' competition. 


With brilliant odds, that only allow us to cover our website product costs, we are giving away £100 to one lucky winner.


This is a test for us to see whether competitions are something we can delve in to offering on a more permanent basis. 


Tickets are £1.49 each, with a maximum of 75 tickets available on this product meaning the odds are extremely good, especially when buying multiple tickets.


For example, buying 5 tickets slashes your chances from a 1/75 chance of winning, to a 1/15 chance of winning!


The giveaway will be drawn as soon as all 75 tickets have sold, and will be transferred in to the winners bank account straight away. 


We will draw the winner from Google's Random Number generator, the video of which will be put on to our page.

Win £100 Cash!