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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you do have a question that hasn't been answered below, please contact us!

  • Are your numberplates road legal?
    Yes! All of our numberplates are 100% road legal, and come with our legal markings on. You can check this out for yourself on the DVLA Government website where it clearly states that 'characters on a numberplate can be 3D'
  • Can I buy number plates for someone else as a present?
    Yes! We will still need to see the proof of ownership documents to prove that you're entitled to receive them. We will need to see their registration document, such as their v5c, v750 or insurance policy along with a form of your ID, such as drivers licence, passport or utility bill.
  • How long is shipping?
    All of our plates are hand made, and due to this can take time to get shipped out if we have a lot of orders! The whole process, from your order to your door usually takes between 2 to 3 working days after the date we see your proof of ownership documents, however we advise 3-5 to avoid any disappointment. Once we have packaged your new number plates, you will receive a shipping confirmation email, and they will arrive via Royal Mail's 2nd class delivery service, unless you've selected otherwise.
  • Do you offer shortened plates?
    Yes, and they are 100% road legal. We offer plates in these sizes: - 20.5" (7 characters or less) - 18" (7 characters or less) - 16" (6 characters or less) - 13" (5 characters or less) Character limits may vary if you have a 1/I in your registration.
  • Will my plates come with a warranty?
    Yes! All of our plates are manufactured to the highest standard and with quality materials. Due to this, we are confident in offering a 12 month warranty to anyone who purchases a plate from us. This warranty will cover your plates against UV fading, and peeling of the reflective backing / lettering.
  • Can I collect in person?
    Unfortunately we dont offer collection on any of our products, however if it is a necessary requirement then feel free to contact us and we will try our best to accommodate for this.
  • Can my plates have a custom slogan?
    Unfortunately having a custom slogan on your number plates is NOT road legal, and will fail MOT checks. Due to this, we don't offer custom slogans and requests for such won't be fulfilled.
  • Can I custom space my registration?
    You aren't legally allowed to change the spacing of your registration! We do offer this as a service, however these are sold strictly for show use ONLY. Spacing incorrectly means your plates are not road legal, and could fail an MOT. If you are wanting show plates, please select 'Show Plate Spacing' on the product order. We will then space your plates exactly how you have requested. If you select 'Road Legal Spacing' and enter your registration incorrectly, we will change the spacing to how they should be. Please note, if you're purchasing plates on our show plate page, the spacing will also be done exactly how you enter it, as all plates there are for show use only. We still need to see the relevant documents to process a show plate.
  • Can I get a refund once I've ordered?
    As every number plate ordered has a unique registration we cant offer a full refund as the plate process is started as soon as you order. However, still drop us an email and we will see what we can do for you!
  • How should I attach my number plates?
    We always advise using our sticky pads to attach your new number plates to your vehicle. This method requires no drilling, and is much quicker to do. To ensure that your number plates adhere to the vehicle as best they can, make sure that the surface beneath is clean, dry and not too cold. Simply put half of the strips on each plate, line them up correctly, and push against them for a couple of minutes. If you do want to drill your plates (not advised) then please ensure that you do NOT drill through / next to any letters. This can cause the glue to lift, or the letter to crack. Screwing your plates in will also void your 12 month warranty.
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