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These are our newest release, the Lamborghini styled 'Hex' shaped plates. These look great look on any car, and are the least common style currently about on the roads!


The Lamborghini Hex style is 100% road legal, and MOT friendly as they exceed the minimum width that number plates must meet.


We offer Lamborghini Hex plates in the following sizes, if you select 'Shortened Hex' we'll place them onto the appropriate sized plate for your registration:


- Standard 517mm (7 characters & less)

- Shortened 455mm (6 characters & less)

- Shortened 387mm (5 characters & less)


Please note, if you select 'Shortened Hex' and have a 7 character reg, it won't be shortened.


We have no doubt that these will look great on any car!


Hex Plates

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