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Do you want your motorbike to stand out that little bit more? Our custom motorbike plates are a great way to achieve that!


All of the character styles available on this product listing are 100% road legal, and MOT friendly, and the same goes for our 'Smallest Legally Possible' option too.


Please note, if you're selecting 'Show Plate Spacing' we can only put a maximum of 4 characters per row. We also can't fit two spaces on one row if you have 4 characters, only if there are 3 or less.  For any questions, please Contact Us.

Motorbike Plates


    We are legally required to see proof that you own the registration you have requested. As soon as you place your order, you will need to send an email to with a flat faced picture of one document from each section stated on the Valid Documents page attached. 


    As soon as we have seen the correct documents, we will be able to get your new number plates made and sent out to you as soon as possible!

  • Warranty

    We only manufacture number plates to the highest of quality, and due to this we are confident in offering a 12 month warranty with every order. Our warranty covers all lettering on plates, and any plate discolouration. 


    Please note, screwing your number plates in will void your warranty as this can cause the reflective to lift, and the letters to adjust.

  • 'Road Legal?' Explanation

    All of the number plates available on our Road Legal shop section are 100% road legal if spaced correctly. 


    If you are wanting your number plates to be 100% road legal and MOT compliant, simply select the 'Road Legal Spacing' option on the drop down. 


    If you are wanting your number plate to have custom show spacing you must select 'Show Plate Spacing' which is an extra £4 per plate, due to how much longer they take us to make. 


    Please note: If you space your registration incorrectly and select the 'road legal spacing' option, we will alter your spacing to what it should be, which is what your v5c log book or v750 document will state.


    Please note: If you select 'Show Plate Spacing' we will send your registration out exactly how you have spaced it on our website, with none of our road legal company markings on the plate. 


    By ticking 'Show Plate Spacing' you are agreeing to the understanding that your plates are  not road legal, and will not be used on public roads. 

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