Dont want to drill your brand new plates?


Our high-strength double sided adhesive pads are the perfect way to securely attach your new plates to your vehicle. 


Each pack (either selected on the product page, or here) contain 16 double sided pads, more than enough to spread across both plates! These come with free 1st class shipping once packaged.

Sticky Pads

  • When fitting your new number plates with our sticky pads you will need to ensure that the car is clean, dry and free of any products such as a wax coating which will try to prevent things sticking to your paintwork. 


    We advise using a good amount of force when pressing the number plates down, and avoiding cold temperatures. This should result in your number plates being held on securely with no issues.


    RolaPlates hold no responsibility for incorrectly applied sticky pads that result in the number plates not sticking to your vehicle correctly. 

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Rola Plates are a leading manufacturer of fully road legal 3D Gel and 4D Laser number plates.


We take pride in supplying the best registration plates on the market, matched by our customer service and warranties.

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