Our screw packs contain the following:


- 3x Yellow Caps

- 3x White Caps

- 6x Screws


Please take care when screwing your plates, and do not screw through any of the 3D / 4D characters!

Screw Pack

  • When drilling the holes for your number plates please note that this can cause the reflective and acrylic layer to pull apart from each other and become less water tight.

    For this reason, we always advise sticky pads which dont cause this issue and are much easier to install. 

    RolaPlates hold no responsibility for incorrectly applied screw fittings, and screwing your plates will void our warranty against delamination of the plates around the screw holes. 

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Rola Plates are a leading manufacturer of fully road legal 3D Gel and 4D Laser number plates.


We take pride in supplying the best registration plates on the market, matched by our customer service and warranties.

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