Tinting number plates IS NOT road legal, and by purchasing this product you are agreeing that you understand they are for show use only.


If you have selected Coloured Gels/Lasers, please enter the colour you're wanting in the 'added notes' section at checkout. The colours we offer are: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink and White.


We offer tinted plates in the following sizes only:

- Standard (522mm)

- 16" Shortened (406mm)


For your registration to fit onto our shortened 16" option your registration must be at most, 6 characters. For example, R99 OLA, or R9 OLA.


If your registration is 7 characters it won't fit onto the 16" acrylics, and will be put onto standard sized ones. However, if your registration is 7 characters with atleast two 1's, it will still fit onto the 16" acrylic. For example, RO11 LLA. Contact us if you want to double check with your registration!


These plates are being sold for show use only, these ARE NOT road legal.


All of the plates in our 'Show Plates' tab are sold classed as show plates, meaning they aren't road legal. These are to be used at car shows, or for photo use only. We take no responsibility for any fines or warnings caused by owning these show plates.

Tinted Plates