If you are wanting your number plates to be tinted, then please add this item to your order.


We charge £5 to tint each plate, on top of the standard prices.


If this item is not purchased in the same basket as your plates then we won't be able to tint them for you.


Tinting number plates IS NOT road legal, and by purchasing this with your order you are agreeing that you understand, and agree to only use them for pictures or at car events etc.


We offer tinted plates in the following sizes only:

- Standard (522mm)

- 16" Shortened (406mm) 


These plates are being sold for show use only, these ARE NOT road legal.


All of the plates in our 'Show Plates' tab are sold classed as show plates, meaning they aren't road legal. These are to be used at car shows, or for photo use only. We take no responsibility for any fines or warnings caused by owning these show plates.

Tinted Plates

Which plates are we tinting?

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